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Marie O’Riordan


I’m the eldest of 4 children and I grew up in the middle of nowhere in the countryside in rural County Limerick, Ireland and survived the experience, especially the bullying in schools. For many years, I was left with a scar on my forehead following an unprovoked attack by students while I was in the bathroom. The door of my locked toilet cubicle was kicked in and the metal latch did the damage. Thankfully, there’s no future in the past. What I’ve come to discover is that everybody has a school story. Mine are both very positive and some negative. I always felt like a bit of an alien. I still do. Before I was born my mother met Academy Award® winning Actor and Philanthropist Paul Newman of Newman’s Own™ while working in the Duty-Free in Shannon Airport in Ireland. Back then it was like today’s equivalent of meeting Brad Pitt. So, that was a cute little memory she told us about and I got thinking at about 4 I’d like to meet Paul Newman when I grew up. This started a bit of an unusual trend in me and isn’t it amazing how things turn out sometimes? In my 20s, I got to hang out with Paul Newman at a Gang Camp he set up in a Castle for children who were very sick and needed the boost. Paul would get up at the crack of dawn, dress up in a clown outfit and play games with the children. People didn’t realise it was him. That’s what I loved about Paul Newman – the famous Actor was a down to earth Superhero, in my opinion, and this taught me a lot. He was just like you and I and he was doing something to really help people when they needed it most. It was amazing to get to record Paul and take photos of this guy I had seen on T.V. and in the movies my whole life.

There’s No Future in the Past:

I suppose I was lucky to have great family watching out for me over the years. One of my cousins in America, a ‘Yank,’ as they’re affectionately known by my relatives in Ireland really stood out for me and inspired me to just go for it. He’s been on an amazing life journey too and even though he’s now retired he’s still a Senior Advisor to the President of the United States for life. He was President of a Fortune 200 Company listed on the New York Stock Exchange also ranked in the Top 40 of the Best Performing Companies in America. That’s how I got to The White House and had a flag flown in my honour over Capitol Hill with a certificate along with the flag. He arranged it all and surprised me on the day I was over in St. Louis, Missouri for Oprah Winfrey. What a day I tell you. I was sweating buckets – and not just because of the heat. I remember having to take an extra puff of Ventolin from one of my inhalers before going over to Oprah in the Peabody Opera House. It’s like she winded me before I even got there! I was so nervous. But you know how you just find the courage to pull through and get on with it? That was one of those days. By the way, I missed the first Oprah phone call the month before and when the phone rang again the battery on the phone ran out. Real life can be strange. You wait your whole life for a moment like that and it’s just chaos all around. Sound familiar? Yes, I did eventually find a phone charger. But the funniest thing is my cousin in the U.S. was friends with Paul Newman and I didn’t know this until after Paul died. What are the chances?


I was informed by an expert that I have the world’s rarest personality type and share it with 1% of the population. I am fascinated by the abilities of H-FASD Savants and their accelerated timelines. I believe that several factors may have helped to propel my career from a very young age. I feel that I have led an extraordinary life and get to work with people that others only dream about collaborating with or meeting in person. All of my businesses have been Minorities-Friendly.

Childhood Traumas Gave Me Drive to Succeed:

It’s amazing how it can still feel so raw. Two amazing children died in my family when I was 4 and 6. It still knocks the stuffing out of me to remember how beautiful they both were. So kind. So caring. So pure and free and loved. Serious illness and tragedy just don’t seem fair. Then again, life isn’t fair all the time, is it?

Bucket Lists:

Three years on from the first death on my First Holy Communion day I went and laid my beautiful fresh pink flowers on the graves. It broke my heart and my family’s too. That day, aged 7, I vowed that they’d be remembered in some way. In December 2011, I was awarded an Honorary ‘Vincent’ Award in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates for my charity work and I accepted it on their behalf. I was in bits that night in the hotel on top of a mountain outside Abu Dhabi overlooking Oman. One was cared for in a hospital in France and that was the first place I volunteered when I was 16 years old. It was my first time outside of Ireland and on a plane. I’ve clocked up way too many air miles since then! It felt wonderful to just be there for someone really sick who sometimes just needed someone to hold their hand. That experience changed me. I flew back a different person. That’s why volunteering in the Third World too always feels so right whether it’s Sub-Saharan Africa or India etc. You just do what you can with what you have right there and then. I very much live for the future but volunteering keeps me focused on the present. It has been a gift. A really big gift.


Watching Live Aid on T.V. aged 10 changed me too. I suddenly got it that by watching T.V. you could save a life. Funny how things turn out. Years later I got to interview Sir Bob Geldof, the guy behind Live Aid and he was pretty amazing. He just tells it like it is. Radio saved me at 13. I found myself. I was finally good at something. It came naturally. Broadcasting was my dream life come true. T.V. at 14 was like Heaven on Earth to me. You can’t wait around for stuff to fall on your lap. I constantly contacted people in media to give me a chance and some of them did. By 15, I won a National T.V. Short Film Award for a short movie I made and Sony were the sponsors. It was the highlight of my life up until then. I was doing what I really and truly loved – communicating with ordinary, everyday people that I still believe and know are extraordinary. I love cinema. The first movie I ever went to see on the big screen was E.T. and Steven Spielberg is still to this day one of my idols. I was blowing kisses at the screen on the way out. In 2011, Steven Spielberg’s Assistant Director filmed an interview I did on a 5-star cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Pinched myself – several times. Recently, I got a call from a 6-time Emmy Award® winning filmmaker to be in their next documentary. I nearly fell off the phone and onto the floor. So, getting on or being let loose on the air in Radio at 13 was the same time I found what this whole Personal Development stuff was all about. I have been glued to it ever since. It has really helped me to get through the tough, rough, bad times, and sometimes the fear of the good times and success. Gosh, at one point I was afraid of success. A lot of people are.


20 was an interesting age to land CNN. To be honest, I was too young to have appreciated it fully at the time. In and around that time also I got to cover a U.S. Presidential visit for the press and later Mentored a U.S. Presidential Photographer. It was surreal. A bit like now when I Mentor Governments and Royalty. There are some really amazing people that I have gotten to interview face-to-face over the years and the nice thing is they are real people with real lives and real problems, just like everyone else. I remember feeling intimidated in the presence of Sir Michael Caine but he’s a butterfly. Can you imagine I was taller than Sylvester Stallone? Quentin Tarantino almost hurt my brain he was thinking and talking so fast. There’s something supremely special about Cate Blanchett. Both times interviewing Charlize Theron were amazing experiences. She’s a very strong woman and so elegantly dressed. I got to sit on the same row as her at a movie premiere once and I couldn’t take my eyes off of what she was wearing. Stunning. Real star quality. Yes, I love fashion and have consulted for fashion houses in Europe, North America, and Asia. Renée Zellweger was very gracious, polite and very, very tiny at the time. Pierce Brosnan was a great charity giver with a very generous spirit. Adam Sandler was so down to earth it was amazing. I can see how Hollywood Producer, Susan Downey, wife of Robert Downey Jr. keeps him grounded. Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell, and Brendan Gleeson are more than some of Ireland’s finest exports, they’re just amazing men in different ways. Jerry Bruckheimer, Joel Schumacher, and Sean William Scott etc. made me smile and thankful I found a love for cinema at such a young age. Jonah Hill was a gentleman. So, I was delighted to have interviewed both Dumbledore characters from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter movie series, fellow Limerick person the late Sir Richard Harris and Sir Michael Gambon. I used to be live on the Radio in studio with the late actor Oliver Reed until he flew off to Malta to film Gladiator and died. He had such a warm heart and was so giving when it came to the community and fundraising efforts. I have been amazingly fortunate in my career to have Mentored Hollywood actors, Grammy Award winners, European Film Festival winners, the Editors-In-Chief of International Magazines, so many companies – the calibre of the Fortune 500 to Google’s Senior Staff. One of the world’s biggest banks Citi USA used one of my quotes, “You don’t need sight to see – You need vision,” as their inspirational quote for the month in 2009. Mentoring Swiss watch makers was challenging and exciting, plus fashion models and some of the world’s most successful investors and young business people who have founded, invented or bought and sold Social Media companies that became household names. And yet, despite it all, they all have one thing in common. They’re just like you and me.


The first Irish person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, Corkman, Pat Falvey, has been a close friend and inspiration since I was 21 years old. Pat taught me to, “Dream big… then dream even bigger.” So, a lot of people just think I went to India in 1997, interviewed Mother Teresa, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, and it was all easy and effortless and fine and dandy. Well, the first thing is people thought I was stark raving mad to high tail it off to the slums of Calcutta on my own. Even two banks thought I was mad and turned me down for a personal loan to fund the project. Then I walked into a Credit Union that I wasn’t even a member of and they gave me a personal loan so I could fund the lot. Mother Teresa was not even in India for a lot of the time I was there. She flew in from the U.S. after meeting with Princess Diana in New York. So, yes, I had a dream since 7 of meeting Mother Teresa. But I didn’t sit around in Ireland waiting for a Miracle. I got off my chair, got a loan, funded a project, took myself to the other side of the world, worked solid, cried my Soul out alone at night sometimes at what I experienced, and ended up being incredibly fortunate to have had an opportunity to invest very precious time with Mother Teresa before she died. She even gave me her hand written letters to post when I got back home to Ireland. Her goodness, humbleness, and presence will remain with me forever. I just got the sense she was larger than life, even though she was physically half the size of me. During the summer of 2012 while I was V.I.P. at the London 2012 Olympic Games (where the U.K. really did an amazing job of hosting the event) I was re-united for the first time in 15 years with Sister Georgina. She lived in the same house and worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta for 36 years. We also got to meet her lovely dog Ambrose. My sister arranged the meeting and it was a beautiful surprise.


I find it ironic that I failed higher level English in the Leaving Certificate final exams in school first time around and basically got written off at 18. I repeated higher level the following year and passed the second time around while also studying Journalism and Radio in College. The massive irony is in 2010 I was part of a book in the U.S. that went to No.1 Best Seller on Now several other clients and a number of other books I’ve been involved with across different countries have all become No.1 and No.2 Best Selling titles internationally. Thrilling – and so are their books. Not bad for a kid who failed English first time around in the final exams. Yet, I look back now and what everyone else thought was my greatest disaster turned out to be a Blessing in disguise. It really hasn’t ever held me back. I find it hilarious and laugh out loud when I’m asked to Mentor in some of the best-known Universities in the world in the United States, U.K., France, Australia, and Ireland.

International Reputation:

I look back on my life to date and some of the stuff I get up to makes me smile. Multiple sold out World Tours. Me, the kid from the middle of no-where? Consulting on-site on private islands in the Indian Ocean? Invitations from international governments to accompany delegations on trade missions across multiple continents. Little me from Ireland? Speaking before the World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and so on. I’m as shocked and surprised as anyone. Fox airing a T.V. show about my work in the business world filmed at Trump Towers in 2011 – another amazing experience.

The World’s Largest Companies:

You, like me, have probably been using some of their products your whole Life. So, Mentoring a list of Fortune 500 companies is like a dream the same as working with the biggest franchises in the world, training Royalty, Olympians, Paralympians, World Champions, European Champions, and National Champions. Hollywood, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Geneva, and so on. I problem solve for the biggest companies in the world on top of the wealth lists. It’s truly an honour. I’m always so delighted when they ring to work with me so they too can experience the people-centric methods I’ve invented that they don’t have. Recently, I refused to sell the methods to some of the biggest companies in the world. They didn’t like that but they’ll just have to live with my decision.


The successes I’ve enjoyed speak for themselves and have been documented in even more top media across the planet from CBS Money Watch, ABC, NBC & FOX to The L.A. Daily News, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle, Hawaii News Now, The Kansas City Star, The San Jose Mercury News, The Cincinnati Enquirer, American Banking News, RTÉ, News Talk, The Sunday Independent, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner, The Evening Herald, International Business Times, Bio Space, Bio Med Reports, Green Technology, and Yahoo News etc. Over the past 29 years, I’ve lost track of all of the media coverage I’ve had. I always like to keep the successes of my clients firmly in sight. Their International Awards, Halls of Fame, and monetary successes keep piling up. It makes me feel very proud and privileged.

If someone like me can do this – you can do even better. Together we can move mountains. Let’s take the first steps together,

Marie O’Riordan

Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly

Another Underdog:

Seriously, I never wished to be pigeon-holed as a Specialist Educationalist or a Dyslexia Expert but 7 years later the scope of business people coming to see me is right across the board.


I have and now deal with everything from and diverse as ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, Audio Processing Disorders, Visual Processing Disorders, Hearing Impairments, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Confidence, Bullying, Self Harm, Crisis Pregnancies, Sexuality, Learning Disabilities, Gifted Children, Exam Fears, Child Development, People Development, Team Development, Business Success and Bereavement etc. In fact, I’ve probably seen every story known to humanity across a whole spectrum of backgrounds, cultures, Countries and ages. Initially, I worked with 12 to 18-year-olds. Then 5 to 25 years olds and now 18-month-old babies to 72-year-olds and the ranges just keep expanding month by month. My Education and Psychology Methods, Education Profiling, Exercises and Inventions are done in record time. They can be Individual or Group orientated. At this stage in my Career, I ONLY take on very difficult new cases.

What Do People Say?

“Everybody likes me here.”

“I feel like I have friends for the first time.”

“I’ve picked up a book and decided to read it for myself.”

“OMG – It’s COOL to be dyslexic.”

“They said I was stupid at school – she showed me how clever I am.”

“Now I know how to get all the information in my head onto the page for the exams.”

“It’s o.k. to make mistakes.”

“I never thought I’d go to – never mind finish college.”

“You sorted my head out.”

“I walked away feeling lighter.”

“She’s the one person who understands me. She gets me.”

“I don’t have to hide here.”

“Now I understand who I am.”

“She sees into my Soul.” (Dr. Naoisé hears this a lot!)

“Safe and outside the box.”

“I can’t explain what she does – but it works.”

Who Am I?

I view myself as an Expression Developist.™ A new genre of education. We focus so much on the success of results – but what are results and what is a success? What are the real points of learning? To very simply and importantly learn to express oneself in a way that takes you to success in whatever field you have aptitudes. Reaching your true potential by being able to communicate with the World in your own unique way. Expression is the fundamental basis for all education. On the flip side, lack of expression can also be seen as the root of all difficulties within this environment. I fundamentally believe everyone processes and reacts to the World differently and success is also within the ability to express yourself. This is especially true in education but applies to all areas of life. Equally, lack of expression leads to many of our social problems and marginalization of people. I passionately strive to take literacy and intelligence out of the same sentence. This is particularly important to me as a Dyslexic. Ironically, I’ve managed to achieve a very high level of education myself with a background of a First Class Honors Degree in Marine Science and a Ph.D. Doctorate in Physical Oceanography. Despite hating school, I obtained an excellent Leaving Certificate and also have 3 A Level Sciences. I realize I approach education in a very ordered and scientific way, always looking for the reasons below the surface, very like my oceanography studies. I always see patterns, almost like animal behaviour and I constantly strive to observe and understand the reasons for these.


To date, I have set up 4 Educational Projects to give me the environments to observe, document, research and study the ways in which people of all ages can achieve their true potential. The Homework Club®, set up in 2009, was to prove all of the whacky ideas in my head with students aged from 5 upwards and to develop and prove my own Education Methods which led to the creation of the Purple Learning Project® to take these ideas back into mainstream education systems. In 2012, I started a project called Confidence Club® which allows me to work with students and families on an individual basis to create confidence in learning in the home environment. I’m not a fond believer in conventional homework. In fact, I’ve started raging debates on the subject across National Newspapers and Radio. This project is about making the best possible use of the tasks set and showing people their true learning style and encouraging them from as young an age as possible to work in their most balanced sense. I see development everywhere in life and in this way my own experiences have come together to create my own unique thinking of learning.


This project like The Homework Club® has attracted Students for miles, even from across the World that everyone else has either given up on or failed to find the root reasons for the difficulties. I never set out to be a Specialist Educationalist for Dyslexia Spectrum, ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome or a multitude of other difficulties but these students and parents are drawn to me time and time again. I take great joy in meeting these students to show them around their third level college or to combine their need for work experience and match them with our Business Clients from The Forever Method Success Club®.

90 Minutes:

Children’s lives are positively changed within 90 minutes of meeting Dr. Naoisé and this is reported back by families time and time again all over the World. It used to take Her 4 hours to achieve this. This is what it takes with adult clients in the business world. Now, all she requires is an hour and a half since, once again, refining the Educational Success Methods she invented and trademarked.

Asperger’s Breakthroughs:

Dr. Naoisé’s results with people living with Asperger’s Syndrome have been nothing short of remarkable. I wonder if anyone else alive has been able to get people living with Asperger’s to express themselves is such profound ways in record time? Her Asperger’s Syndrome research findings have been recognized by International and National Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism organizations plus national health services. This is not just results in a verbal and physical manner but more strikingly in artistic expression, personal appearance, style, fashion and hair sense etc. Truly life changing. Dr. Naoisé has had a long association with ASPIRE The Asperger Syndrome Association of Ireland.

World Media:

Dr. Naoisé’s successes in the Business World and her various methodologies have been documented by top media across the planet from CBS Money Watch, ABC, NBC & FOX to The L.A. Daily News, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle, Hawaii News Now, The Kansas City Star, The San Jose Mercury News, The Cincinnati Enquirer, American Banking News, RTÉ, News Talk, The Sunday Independent, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner, The Evening Herald, International Business Times, Bio Space, Bio Med Reports, Green Technology, Yahoo News etc. Dr. Naoisé continues to rock the boat and is a much sought-after media interviewee. She’s known internationally as a Global Expert on homework due to the French boycott and ADHD due to Her research being published in a health publisher’s book in America.


Dr. Naoisé and Marie’s successes are too numerous for us to mention all of them here. From giving adults the tools and strategies to live their lives on their terms and traveling the World, as featured on C.N.N., to an American Business Client achieving a colossal deal within days of working with them. The magnitude of the deal is still under NDA non-disclosure agreement but will make Global news.

What Has Dr. Naoisé Done?

I’ve been a Student Advocate as Disability Rights Officer for the Union of Students of Ireland. I’ve been a Lecturer in Remote Sensing in Southampton University, U.K. and a Teacher at the European Space Agency, Frascati, Italy. I’ve been a Personal Tutor in Ireland and the U.K. I’ve studied at The University of Oxford and The University of Cambridge. I’ve worked in Education Management, Project Management for both the Director of Academic Studies and the Director of International Students and Course Development for a University in Ireland. I’ve been Course Manager for International M.B.A. and M.S.C. programmes.

I’ve also been a Sound Technician in Theatre which led me to be a Technical Director for an International Theatre Festival in Dublin, Ireland. I won The Hilton Edwards Award in 2007. I balance my academic World with a keen interest in painting and photography.

I had my first teaching job at the age of 12 as part of the North Dublin Summer School Project. All of these diverse experiences have led me to where I am today. The Homework Club® has won Best Start Up followed by Best Small Business with Dublin 15 Chamber Of Commerce and gained the prestigious O2 Ability Company Status from Kanchi in 2010 along with Microsoft, Citibank, and Eircom. The Purple Learning Project® was nominated for an A.I.B. Innovation in Business Award with Fingal Chamber Of Commerce in 2011 and I was shortlisted for the National Newspapers of Ireland Press Awards in 2011.

My idol is Dr. Seuss and my favourite toys as a child were the Fisher Price School House and the Fisher Price Printing Press,

Dr. Naoisé.