Constantly Developing Powerful New Methods from Research Findings

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Most academics work theoretically in attempting to understand Success & Personality. We broke the mould in Personality Theory Research by proving our theories & methods with real people in real-life situations in multi-award-winning custom created facilities directly positively affecting thousands of people, and across the planet with thousands more. The results & successes people achieved had never been seen prior in such short timescales.

What sets us apart? How did we achieve groundbreaking results with people across such spectrums?

It’s not enough for others to have a superficial grasp on situations & conditions on a brain level. You have to precisely understand the fundamental personality factors too. This is why we achieved the results & successes we did much faster & long after everybody else had tried & failed.

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Methods Development is Key

To think that in the 21st Century there isn’t a dedicated genre of Success within the area of Psychology. Until 2009, everyone had focused on explaining to people who they are – not how they achieve. In re-writing 100 years of Personality Theory Research, we unlocked the keys to making people more successful across multiple areas.

Everything has a strong basis in research and the continual development of methods. All of our methods have been developed and applied to people from ages 18-months to 70s across high-level business, sporting, and educational environments.

Here are some of the methods we’ve developed to date. We’re currently developing and adding to our existing management structure & educational methods in the background.

The Periodic Table of the Development of Results® (Purple Success®):

Unique methods and now proven theories to understand the individual elements to get successful results with all ages and individuals in the shortest time possible. Applied at all levels in education and all sized companies, situations, and with individuals globally, including international sports teams. This has led to groundbreaking results being proven with companies in particular recording substantial increases in profits. Featured news story by over 105 media organizations worldwide including C.B.S. Money Watch in the United States.

Purple Profiling®:

Unique profiling methods to understand all individuals/employees/learners and to work effectively with them in the shortest time possible. Now expanded to all sectors including business employees and business situations. The focus is on success for each person and flicking the switch to get the best out of individuals/employees – long-term.

Purple Development®:

New development theory to understand patterns in education and to change the Educational Blueprint™. From this, a new approach to education and a new focus on expression was developed – Expression Developist™.

Purple Success Timescales®:

Theory of the development moments in individuals from child to adult and the significance in dealing with situations. How successful you feel for life.

Purple Processing Scales®:

Understanding individual Learning Styles and how they work in different situations. Understanding why people fall apart while under pressure… Which has led to another new theory…

The Pressure Cooker Effect®:

This has been particularly significant when working with individual clients to help them fulfil long-term aspirations.

Developmental Timescales®:

New methods to achieve results in record-breaking times. Followed 18 years in academic scientific research.

Purple Success Goal System®:

Another method specifically created for working with international football teams, professional football club players, teams, management, owners, and a host of background supports.

Purple Learning Project®:

Understanding the establishment of educational environments for all and working simultaneously with all Learning Styles, difficulties, and conditions in the same room. This has also been applied to companies and management structures to achieve better working environments. Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly’s The Homework Club® was Awarded O2 Ability Company Status from the International Disability Organization Kanchi in 2010 along with Microsoft, Citi Bank, EMC, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, Galway University Hospital, The National Aquatic Centre, Croke Park Stadium, The Four Seasons Hotel, Abbott, Iarnród Éireann, Homebase, Eircom and so on. We have a particular interest in how people with perceived disabilities are integrated into companies to achieve their true potential. We work hugely in the area of disability, whether disabilities are visible or hidden, across many spectrums such as Learning Difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), High-Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, Migraine, Auditory Processing Disorders, Visual Processing Disorders, Hearing Impairments, Loss of Limbs, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and so on. We reveal the true talents of these extraordinary individuals to companies and co-workers. Their willpower and strengths quite often bring massive insights to businesses. Working with Olympians and Paralympians has also been a wonderful learning curve and experience for us.

Diffuse Focus®:

A new theory of the reasons behind ADD and ADHD. How to develop a new learning approach to accommodate these.

Forget Phonics Reading Method®:

A new approach to teaching reading specifically for individuals with Dyslexic Spectrum reading difficulties. Typically a person can now learn to read and write in just 4 hours.

Purple Pre-School Success®:

Unveiled to international acclaim guiding very young children in the glare of the world media spotlight to jump years ahead academically prior to ever commencing formal education.

Purple Speech Paths®:

New methods to help overcome Speech Difficulties taking personality factors into account where results have been recorded in 3 weeks.

Purple Integration Programmes®:

New methods to counteract the effects of Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia – especially the implications for learning with rapid academic improvements recorded.

Purple Empathy Creation®:

Methods creating empathy in young children from the toddler stage upwards.


Ahead of our time before the infographic explosion. A new way to pitch business effortlessly in a single picture. This has been successfully applied in countless international business situations to significantly reduce Selling Process Timescales from First Contact to Signed Contracts. In some cases, the Selling Process was reduced from 6 months to just ONE WEEK – as documented in the Business Section of National Sunday Newspaper The Sunday Independent.

See below a table revealing how 2 of our Methods The Periodic Table of the Development of Results® – also known as Purple Success® & Purple Profiling® differ from Personality Theory & N.L.P. Theory


We’ve put significant work into developing specific programmes to get successful results with students and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. We’ve developed a number of new programmes for specific school issues such as the Primary to Secondary school Transition, Expression Club® for Dyslexic Learners to keep them on top academically over the summer months, Dyslexia Organisation Workshops, Maths Orientation Studies for Dyscalculia, supporting students at home with Asperger’s Syndrome through homework and a Purple Pre-School Success® programme to get Dyslexic Spectrum students ahead in reading and writing before they even begin school. We’re currently putting a lot of resources into developing new theories for working with students and adults with Auditory Processing Disorders.